Privacy policy

for the app Anchor Sentry by Michael Konz

While running the app will collect your current geolocation data, even while being in the background. This is necessary for the app to be able to monitor the anchorposition of the boat at all times.

Geolocation data in this context means the current location of the device (longitude and latitude) at a certain time.

Unless certain additional features of the app will be used, the geolocation data will only be stored locally and will not be shared with others.

While using either the proximity or the mirroring feature of the app, the following data will be stored on an external server:

  • User provided id and password
  • Position, time of position and accuracy of position
  • Position of anchor and alert radius
  • Magnetic heading (if available)
  • Alertstatus

If you enable the transmit function of the app these data will be transmitted to the server and from the server to any receiving device that registered with the same userid and password. This will be usually your own remote device.

Additionally, if you have enabled the proximity feature, these data will be transmitted to any Anchor Sentry app (Android and iOS) in close proximity to your device where your current location and your anchor location and anchor perimeter will be displayed to the user. Your id will not be visible to another user.

Please note that the app on first run registers with a random userid and password at the server and with the proximity function enabled.

You can disable the proximity function by setting the alert distance for proximity alert to zero in the app settings. But you will no longer receive proximity alerts by doing so.

You can change the random userid at anytime with one choosen by yourself. Using identifiable ids like an email address or your boat name is not recommended.

As long as you are registered with the server, your last anchoring position will be stored on the server. If you unregister your device all your information will be erased on the server.

For questions contact Michael Konz at: support (at) anchorsentry (dot) de